Pigeon be Clubbin’


I cannot remember the last time I blogged… I know it was only a few days ago and that I could go look it up very quickly, but I’m lazy. I’m just going to assume that it was on Thursday, well, because this weekend was hella, yes, hella busy.

Friday – cue the daily VH1 grind that I love. Nothing standout happened here. I transcribed some awesome interviews and did some research and had fun. I actually got out 2 hours early thanks to a lovely Viacom policy called “Summer Fridays.” I love starting my weekends early, even if it’s just a few hours. So, I used my free time wisely… I met up with Madeline and we went and walked down Broadway to get pop to drink… Yes, we walked 4 blocks for bottles of soda. I also bought milk. So, the trip was kind of productive and not as impulsive and ridiculous as it sounds. For dinner we met up with Kayla, Siri, Jessica, and Daniella. There is this awesome little hole-in-the-wall mexican bar/restaurant called “El Porton” near the metro station at 125th and Broadway (aka the outdoor metro station in the “Hey There, Delilah” video… I’m pretty sure.) This place was phenomenal and relatively cheap. I got 2 gigantic tamales for $6! After dinner, we all went out in the village to a place called RDV. It was pretty awesome. The music was to die for. Apparently it was a pretty big D.J. spinning but I have no idea who he was… I wish I would have gotten his name, I’d look up his stuff and download it in a heartbeat. The atmosphere of the place was slightly lacking however – too many people and not enough service it seemed. So we just called it am early night and took a cab to the metro station and then rode home. Cabs are relatively cheap, when you split them 3 ways.

Saturday – Emmy, Madeline, Jessica and I all took the train 45 minutes to Brooklyn for the flea market and man, was it worth it. 1) I love the atmosphere in Brooklyn. 2) I just may want to live there some day, I loved it so much. 3) They literally have a sushi restaurant and frozen yogurt shops every 2 or 3 blocks. 4) It’s just an awesome place to be. 5) The shopping is to die for… If I lived there I’d be broke in a week. 6) I got this awesome tank top from one of the nicest New Yorkers I’ve met so far, Simon Hyun. He designs, screen prints, and sells all of his awesome New York skyline/pigeon inspired clothes on the streets. At his stand he was all out of my size in the shirt I wanted. He called over to his other stand in the flea market and had them hold the shirt that was my size in the color and style I wanted. He then saved me the short walking trip by speeding over on his pedal bike and picking the shirt up for me. This whole transaction took no more than 10 minutes between him calling and holding the shirt to me having it in my hands. I am so happy with this purchase. While the shirt was slightly pricey for a simple tank at $25, every penny was worth it. This guy is awesome and deserves every penny he charges and makes off of his designs. One day he will be big, and I will have an original.

I am in love with this tank top from Pigeon by Pigeon in Brooklyn.

This is the glorious work of art that is my new tank top from Pigeon be Pigeon. Seriously go on facebook and check this guy out http://www.facebook.com/pigeonbepigeon or just go to the Brooklyn flea market on the weekend and browse the awesome shirts. This crappy cell phone picture doesn’t do it justice.

I am going to be stoked that it only cost me $25 and not future going rate of $100 probably. His stuff is legit and I am in love with it. I will probably either buy myself a few more designs if I stop by Brooklyn again. Or I might buy a V-neck or something for Kevin. Who knows. I just know that if I visit his stand again, I will be extremely tempted to spend more money supporting this artist. It’s like Nike says, JUST DO IT!

We also met Gab at the flea market and she is also pretty awesome. It seems like all of the Viacom interns are some of the coolest people I’ve met in a long time, and I like being surrounded by people that I enjoy and find interesting and driven. The Viacom kids seem to be all that and a box of chocolates. Actually, scratch the chocolates line. Anyway, Gab is a cool girl. She’s really into photography so she brought along her Canon and did like a mini semi-candid photo shoot with us to build her portfolio. It was really fun, and once she posts the edited pictures I feel a new profile pic coming on. We sat on stoops and jumped around and stood in front of some awesome/hardcore graffiti. I cannot wait to see what she does with them. We all got lunch to go from different little restaurants and then at picnic style on a random patch of sod/grass that was rolled out in the middle of the street (which is so awesome.) We also tried to find Kumquat Bakery in Brooklyn and found out that it’s a rotating food cart and was not there when we stopped by. It was a major bummer, so instead we settled for Cupcake Land Bakery. It was subpar. I paid $2.50 for an average sized strawberry shortcake cupcake recommended by the lady working. It was a hollowed out, really dry vanilla cupcake with a whole strawberry placed in the hollowed area. It was then topped with a hug dollop of whipped cream and a strawberry sliver. It looked super cute, a lot nicer than it tasted. It was good, but I would not go there again…I like when my cupcakes are moist and not crumbling apart in my hands.

Before we left Brooklyn, we sat back down on a random piece of lawn that was thrown onto the road and listed to a street band. I’m not judging, for their type of music, which was not my style (it was like hillbilly folk, that’s how I’ll describe it) they seemed pretty legit. One guy played a hand saw. One guy played the banjo and had a harmonica around his neck and a bass drum at his foot. One guy played the accordion. A girl played the fiddle and another girl played the cello. It was such an odd grouping of instruments. All of the members of the band seemed to have a few things in common: 1) Showers and deodorant did not seem necessary or important. 2) Dreadlocks appeared to be a band uniform. Yes, all of the members were white, and yes, the girls had dreads. 3) Whole jeans, i.e. jeans that are mostly comprised of denim and not of holes/dirty patches, seemed irrelevant. 4) Shirts were not owned by the guys. They really should have had shirts on… 5) Laundry also seemed unimportant. This group literally looked like they came out of the backwoods of West Virginia. It was so odd. Oh and they had a dog. A dog that literally played dead every time the band started playing. However, if I closed my eyes and just listened, they sounded awesome and I actually kind of liked their style of music. Moral of the story? I need to stop being so a judgmental. Although, I wasn’t so much judging their appearance as I was repulsed by it..I think there is a difference… Okay, maybe there isn’t a difference… I need to work on that.

So anyway, we went home after listening to this back country band. Welll, Emmy and Jessica went home. Madeline and I went to get our noses pierced near Canal St. in Chinatown (I know, I know it sounds sketchy.) We actually found it on yelp.com; it had over 20 reviews and each one was 5 stars, so we figure it was our best bet. We also took a looka round the place to feel it out; it was super clean and really nice. I tried to call Kevin and my mom on our way over to inform them both of my decision. Nether of them answered, so I just texted Kev to let him know what I was planning on doing. This was not an impulsive decision. I have been wanting to do this since my junior year of high school; that makes 5 years. I always worried about something going wrong (like getting a weird cartilage bump on my nose, like I did when I had the cartilage in my ear pierced) so I never did it. I also worried about looking professional for work/news station internships. I have never seen a reporter with a nose ring or met one with a clear stud in or a nose piercing that was taken out. I want to be a reporter on TV within the next 2 years, so I figured that if I was gonna do it that now was the time while I still could. We were talking to the piercing lady and she said healing takes up to 4 months and that during that time you cannot take the original piercing out…So, 4 months would take me to October. I want to have an on camera or in depth internship at a Pittsburgh news station in the fall. I’d have to interview in August and start in September. I made my choice, no nose piercing for me. However, Madeline decided to go along with it and I watched/offered support. As she was getting hers done Kevin called me, frantic to make sure that I didn’t go through with my seemingly impulsive decision. I assured him that I changed my mind and that all was okay. Madeline’s nose ring looks freaking awesome… I am so jealous. Yes, I left the piercing shop without getting my nose pierced, however… that may not be the case for my belly button.

Just kidding. Belly rings are so 1990s and trashy. I would NEVER do that. It’s like a tramp stamp, except on the front. And it’s worse than a tramp stamp…with my luck I’d get it caught on something.

We actually met some people on our floor who were having a party in the middle of our hallway on Friday, so we hung out with them. Most of them are banker types who work at JP Morgan Chase or insurance/accounting firms or in business research. However, they actually are interesting and not boring or dry like you’d expect an accounting/economics/business major to be. We all went to the West Side Market to get dessert at 1 a.m. Yes, we are that cool.

Sunday – Today Emmy, Madeline, Jessica and I all woke up early to go to brunch at noon. Yes, noon is early on the weekend. We wanted to go to this place right near us called Camile’s for $3 omelets, but to our surprise it was closed so we walked 10 blocks down to go to Broadway Bagels. It is cheap, and awesomely wasn’t crowded at all. And the food is phenomenal. Let me just put the prices into range… 2 huge links of sausage, 2 scrambled eggs, home fries, and a gigantic cinnamon and raisin bagel cost under $6. A large flavored iced coffee cost under $3. I ate a way too big for my frame brunch for under $10. In New York, that’s an awesome find. Heck, in PA, that would be an awesome, cheap find. Score. You may be thinking, that I ate like a pig this morning… I caught the subway to go to work at about 1:15 and worked until 7.

On my way into work at my first day at the BBW in NYC I passed by a Rib Fest. I was so mad I ate brunch. I would have loved some fresh barbecued ribs. We can’t grill here, and ribs just aren’t the same when you order them at a restaurant. Work was awesome. Everyone was really nice and friendly. If Bath & Body Works worked off of commission, I would make bank. But instead I make a quarter and some change over minimum wage. I’m not complaining. I love my job. There’s just some thing about BBW products that makes me so happy and makes me forget all of my troubles. It’s probably all of the good fragrances or some kind of high I get from all of the mixing of the different fragrances in the store. Either way, I love that place and that job. I am so glad the New York store decided to take my on as a transfer.

I didn’t get home until 8 and I was starving. So… I’m okay with being a pig at breakfast. For dinner, Emmy and I walked down to the food stand we’d been eyeing up on Broadway. We got gigantic falafel sandwiches for $3. It was my first falafel and it probably won’t be my last. I only ate half of it, because I was craving something sweet. Around 90th street or so, we found this frozen yogurt shop called “16 Handles” either because they have 16 flavors, or it was a clever play on the movie title, 16 Candles. Either way, I love flavor choices and I love Anthony Michael Hall holding Molly Ringwald’s panties. So, this place is a win-win. Also, it wasn’t so much as a fro-yo shoppe as it was a fro-you club. Take away the frozen yogurt, turn down the lights, and add a bar and this place would be a bumping club. The music blarred this awesome kind of dance/electronica track while all sorts of colored lights flashed. There were big comfy benches and ottoman chairs along with bar height tables. I’m convinced that on Friday and Saturday nights this place holds secret fro-yo raves… Also, it was so cheap. For a cup of yogurt with toppings, equivalent to a Pinkberry small size at $6, I paid $2.69. So this place is cheap, bumping, and a secret rave. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my new hang out place.

After our long walk down broadway we didn’t feel like walking the 30/40 blocks back home so we just took the train. Honestly, I feel like New York is making me fat. I have not taught Zumba since before finals week at school. I’ve maybe Zumba-ed 5 times since then. I was able to make it to the gym here once 2 weeks ago. If I continue down this path I am sure to gain at least 4 pants sizes. So forced myself to go to the exercise room on the 16th floor of my building and start off small with 35 minutes of intervals on the recumbent bike, whilst reading Fifty Shades Freed. That was so much fun. Honestly, I forgot how much I like reading while biking; there’s just something so cathartic about it. When I got back to my room I was still feeling lazy, so I decided that doing 10 burpess would be  an excellent way to end the day… Bad life choice. One month of not exercising and I am so out of shape. This is bad. So I forced myself to do a whole 3 rotations of plank intervals. My body may hate me in the morning. Oh well. Time to get back on the exercise horse and whip my butt back into shape.

Kevin started his mission trip for work today. He will be in Appalachia for the next 2 weeks and has really crappy cellphone reception there. This makes me sad. I miss him so much, an not being able to talk to him much for the next two weeks is going to wear at me. I already miss his voice and his laugh. This is going to be tough. He mentioned that he wanted to visit me when those two weeks were up… I really hope he does, because I miss him like crazy. Also, I’m requesting off of work, just incase he pulls through.


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